Case Study – Car Dealership

We took on a new client from Sweden a little over a month ago. This particular client is running a car dealership in Gävle selling used cars from different brands in their local area. They recently launched a new website but didn’t have much traffic so their main objective was to get more visibility online.

9 out of 10 car buyers use the internet when buying a new car. The buying process often takes anywhere from 3 to 6 month depending on a range of factors. Its therefore crucial that car dealer have an online presence and actively work on improving their marketing activities.

Search Engine Optimisation

We decided to do a comprehensive site audit to start with since they just launched a new site. The goal was to identify any issues that wasn’t following best SEO practises. Some of the things we identified quickly was poor on-page optimisation from missing page titles, meta description and headings. We also noticed that they didn’t have a content marketing plan in place to build authority and trust.

On-page SEO

So the first thing we did was to research the keywords people are typing into Google in Gävle for industry related search terms. We quickly came up with a keywords strategy that would bring in qualified traffic and drive enquires. Next step was to optimise the website for these terms by changing the meta data, headings and content. We also implemented a silo by strategically placing out internal links between the category pages and landing pages.


Off-page SEO

We noticed that the client didn’t have many backlinks to the site even though they were selling well known brands like Toyota, BMW, Mercedes and Audi. We therefore reached out to relevant blogs and forum in the local industry and simply asked them to link to our website. Some did and some didn’t. However, we managed to get a handful of high quality links that was relevant and natural.

We also added the business contact details to a bunch of industry related directories in Sweden. This helped us gain more local relevance and gave us the ranking power to achieve the results we got within 3 weeks.



As you can see from the screenshot below, Gävle BilOutlet went from not being on the first page in Google at all to several rankings on the first page. Some of the most important keywords jumped several pages just from proper on-page SEO optimisation.


increased keyword visibility in Search engines


Next Steps Going Forward

To increase the traffic to the website further, the next thing we want to do is to set up Google Adwords for this client. We believe it can be a great additional traffic source to increase conversions.

We also want to look at YouTube and how we can reach and engage more car buyers through this platform. Think with Google has great resources for the automotive industry. Read more.



SEO case study and all material are copyrighted by Digital Marketing Consultant David Hallstrom from 2017 April, Sweden.




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