Case Study – Ranking a real estate website

We had a client contacting us about a month ago regarding SEO and increasing their websites visibility in the search engines. The problem was that their website wasn’t optimised nor did they track any online activities with tools like Google Analytics. 

We knew that we could help this client because search there is a lot of search volume in the real estate industry. People tend to look for realtors with their city or surroundings so a local SEO strategy would be the best option to start with. We also decided to set up an Adwords campaigns targeting keywords like sell your home, houses for sale and sell my apartment.


Source: HomebyDean – Mäklare på Gotland

Here is a summary of the work we did:

  • Optimised the page titles and meta data
  • Content refresh
  • Keyword research for real estate agents
  • GMB set up
  • Analytics and tracking

This particular client was based in a smaller country in Europe so the competition wasn’t super high. Nonetheless, it required a proper strategy including backlinking from authoritative websites.


Real estate ads

We also ran display ads through the remarketing platform.


Biggest realtor in Sweden

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