We are experts when it comes to SEO and have extensive experience in this field from working with hundreds of clients. We help you get on top of Google and drive more organic visits to your website. When you are working with us you will receive a full search engine optimization solution that is safe and effective. Here is a list of things we typically do on a weekly basis:


Our Process

  • Keyword research
  • On-page optimisation
  • Content refresh
  • Analytics
  • Link building
  • Social signals
  • Citations
  • And much more


Keyword Research

First thing we do is to analyse your competitors to figure out what they are doing in the digital space. We also take a look at companies overseas in more competitive markets to make sure we find and beat the most innovative so strategies out there. We then do keyword research to see what search terms people are typing into Google each months. Here are three things we look at when selecting keywords to target.

  • Relevance
  • Competitiveness
  • Search volume

On-page Optimisation

After we selected the keywords to target, we add the to the page titles, meta descriptions, headings and text. This will ensure that Google understand what each page is about. In addition, we will also optimise the internal linking structure with relevant anchor text. Click here for more SEO on page tips.

Google Analytics

Its really important to track everything on your website. We recommend using Google Analytics. Its easy to install and use. We can help you to set up goals for your website through events or destination URL tracking.

Link building

Link building is still the number one ranking factor in Google. Not all types of links are valued the same. Its important to build high quality links thats relevant and natural. We have experienced link builders that knows how to place links that are safe and that follow  Googles guidelines.

Social Signals

Social signals are shares, likes and followers on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. It shows Google that your site is popular and that people are talking about your brand. This will enhance the effects of links and is crucial for any search engine strategy.


Citations are important to build when trying to increase the visibility of your Google My Business listing. A citation is your telephone number and address. Its important to place these citations on high authority directories or other site (unstructured citations) in order to boost your rankings.


If you need help with foreign SEO then click here. 
You will get monthly reports on the progress so you can see how well the campaign is performing. Give us a call today.